There's only one important thing to tell about Blue Leaves: Music,
a music that one could both listen and see...

In Music, like in Mathematics (and I always have in mind the Non-Euclidean Geometry),
one can create various Universes, obeying any strange postulates.
Blue Leaves (I.V.Grossu & S.A.El-Shamali)
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Blue Leaves

Fast, fast, faster I run
Raising to the sky and tasting the dust
Dark wings grow in my arms
Cold freezing winds, clouds in rain cast

High, high, higher I fly
Feeling the stars burning-in my hands
White clouds cover my eyes
Blue endless leaves... falling, my hair
Blue Leaves Classic
I am not afraid to "crush the wonders corolla of the world" (Lucian Blaga) as,
whenever crashing it, more and more corollas are raising, in an exponential explosion.
Fire's Dance - String Quartet & Timpani
In this illusory Universe there must be at least something true, as long as I am thinking (Descartes). But, looking to its complexity and beauty, you know that it is more, much more than this...
Blue Leaves & Sonore Quartet
Black Hole - String Quintet, French Horn & Timpani
Did I really compose this music, or is it just a projection of the early information squeezed in the beginning of the Universe... ending one day in the entropy of a Black Hole?...
Blue Leaves & Chromatic Sextet
So faraway, so quiet - String Septet & Oboe
No matter how small we are, our music transcends the Universe in both space and time...
Blue Leaves & Chromatic Octet
Fire's Dance - Cello
I am not afraid any more, as I know there is no frontier between me and the rest of the Universe...
Blue Leaves & Achim Emese
Solar Landscape
Sometimes, the path to your ideal is like a hot sunny day, making each one of your steps heavier and heavier...
Blue Leaves - Classical Guitar
Water Dance
Water Dance
Blue Leaves - Classical Guitar Graphic Design: S.A. El-Shamali Text by: I.V.Grossu